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The Issue Of Reflection Education Essay Free Essays

Consideration as characterized by the Oxford English dictionary ( 1993 ) implies ‘idea starting in the head ‘ and head implies ‘seat of awareness, thought, will, and encountering ‘ . It appears to be along these lines that consideration, in an each twenty-four hours term is tied in with accepting that includes will and feeling, hence thought is extremely close to home as we are isolated people. In this way, if examination is accepting for what reason are we being evaluated on it, and how might it be surveyed as surely we as a whole suspect something. We will compose a custom paper test on The Issue Of Reflection Education Essay or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now Are agonizing model hypothetical records, a help to help me accept or a help to help the assessor ‘s buttockss me? Am I being skeptical or is negativity exact perception? Have we cover how to accept? Is it accurate to say that we are populating during a time where the step of life is quick to such an extent that individuals do n’t hold clasp to accept any more? Is that why consideration is presently being joined into course of studies or is it to uplift obtaining and the shaping of builds and associations? Is it to do me gain what my ain considerations are, and which are individual else ‘s? Or on the other hand is it as King and Kitchener ( 1994 refered to Moon 2001, p.8 ) propose to contest my procurement and along these lines better my psychological capacity? From the outset I felt that consideration was a convoluted issue, however so I discovered that it was about idea. At the point when I premier got this task I ‘thought ‘ that I would really luxuriate it, as I would have the option to be originative however while reflecting during the activity of roll uping my portfolio, and exploring for my agonizing paper, I have gotten angry, non on the grounds that I am safe to change but since I feel that it is meddlesome and a little belittling to give me individual else ‘s hypothetical record or recipe of how to accept. It appears that Moon ( 2001, p.16 ) would hold with me as she proposes Are understudies advised to reflect when truly they will just follow an equation ( for example set requests ; thorough connection to the Kolb cadence ( Kolb, 1984 ) ? Cause students to have their considerations as children own their show? From my own experience I would beseech to contrast as when I utilized the agonizing hypothetical record of Price ( 2002 ) to consider my unit An assignments I thought that it was covering and ended up over-blowing up my convictions of isolation with the goal that I would hold something to create about in that part of the model. Bolton ( 1998 ) would recommend that my guarded demeanor is ‘a get bying plan ‘ and that I am resisting ‘change and advancement ‘ . While Lifton ( 1961 refered to Atherton 2003 ) portrays the strategy of thought change as ‘brainwashing ‘ . For me these hypothetical records are good judgment and thus I have been angry towards them. During one of our exercises we were given a piece of paper with agonizing hypothetical records on it and requested to take one to ponder our introduction. Actually, I had just reflected upon my introduction quickly in a flash after I had completed it, so again in more profundity in my auto on the way place thus again in considerably more profundity when I talked about it with my hubby, read all the introduction official statements, and contrasted my introduction and every other person ‘s. Consequently actually I do n’t experience that I picked up anything by using Price ‘s ( 2002 ) intelligent model hypothetical record. Anyway I have since learnt after thinking about my securing way that the greater part of my obtaining highlights are that of the ‘dreamer ‘ ( Cottrell 2003, p.63 ) . One of the qualities of the ‘dreamer ‘ is to reflect and gauge great. In this manner I can value that Price ‘s ( 2002 ) intelligent model hypothetical record might be all the more great to potentially, the more slender with ‘logician ‘ includes as Cottrell ( 2003, p.63 ) recommends that their learning nation to be created is ‘personal examination ‘ . Anyway I do non experience that understudies can be categorized into certain learning types, despite the fact that I should recognize that the majority of my highlights were right on the money with Cottrell ‘s ( 2003 ) visionary larning way. It would look that examination has regarded me all things considered, as it has made me conscious of my learning way or habits and made me gain that the utilization of agonizing models are covering for me, thus I have thought roughly, ‘reflected upon ‘ and took in something from ‘the experience ‘ . It appears that my learning exp erience is identified with Boud et Al ‘s ( 1985 ) meaning of consideration as they characterizes it as A nonexclusive term for those judicious and efficacious exercises wherein people connect with to explore their encounters so as to take to another misgiving and handle ( Draper 1999 ) . It appears that Boud et al see thought from the researcher ‘s purpose of position, underscoring the relationship of the agonizing system and the learning experience. For representation I have gained from the experience of using agonizing model hypothetical records that I discover them covering. While Dewey ( 1993 ) characterizes consideration as A functioning industrious and cautious thought of any conviction or assumed signifier of comprehension in the obvious radiation of the confirmations that help it and the farther choice to which it tends ( Draper 1999 ) . Dewey positions consideration as experiential obtaining and that each experience impacts future encounters. For delineation Dewey may hold that from the racial predisposition that I talked about in development two that I take this involvement in me to future encounters. For representation through observing a portion of the dark residents of Africa distorted by means of non being vaccinated against childish loss of motion I have non dithered to immunize my children against maladies, for example, puerile loss of motion, pandemic parotitiss, rubeolas and German measles. Thusly a past encounter can advise a current encounter, for example, regardless of whether I should let my youths to be immunized against meningitis. Sch A ; ouml ; n ( 1993, 1987 refered to Moon 2001, p. 3 ) central focuses on consideration in proficient comprehension and its turn of events. He has recognized two kinds of consideration. These are ‘reflection in real life ‘ and ‘reflection on activity ‘ . Sch A ; ouml ; n suggests that these sorts of examinations are utilized in alone condition of affairss, where the practician can't utilize ‘theories or procedures previously learnt through proper guidance ‘ ( Moon 2001, p.4 ) . It would hence glance that ‘reflection in real life ‘ and ‘reflection on activity ‘ are very acceptable to the consideration and instructive businesses as practicians are working with people who are more every now and again than non, course reading outlines. Reflection is a cardinal bit of my youngster care design as I work with children and family units who are people with alone characteristics. This implies each clasp I do an action I may requir e to make it in any case as I will require to see the individual requests of the kid/kids and that of their folks. For outline, in the event that you were a plant specialist and you stuffed bars your thought in real life would n’t take as long, in light of the fact that you would be working with lifeless things. Accordingly your thoughts might be increasingly matter-of-certainty while in my occupation I am covering with babies, yearlings, children and adults, henceforth my examinations are unchanging and are bound to be founded on feelings, as I am working with people who have feelings too much. As the main ethos of my example is to deal with each child and family unit part as people, I in this way reflect ‘in activity ‘ all through my hands on twenty-four hours and reflect ‘on activity ‘ , in some cases in a split second after an activity, and some of the time in this way in the eventide. For delineation when a parent shows up they may educate me regarding the hot end of the week that they have had. This data that I am furnished with influences my thought in real l ife. For representation in the event that I have been educated that a child is probably going to be truly worn out today and I have arranged a hot twenty-four hours, I would accept on my toes and oblige the yearss exercises to suit a sleep in for that kid. It would look that examination is a Catch 22 as there are a wide range of significances and sorts of thought, the above being only a couple. What is apparent however is that consideration is truly confounded which is dry sing that thinking is extremely simple. Perhaps so it is non the strategy of examination that is troublesome, ‘the thought ‘ at the same time, it is covering with the feelings that reflection brings. Potentially I am being evaluated on my consideration capacities as they are of import to my comprehensive individual, guidance and example improvement. Potentially my skepticism in the presentation is sound as, No grown-up male who adores guidance has the best out of instruction†¦ Without a delicate scorn for guidance no grown-up male ‘s guidance is finished. Gilbert K. Chesterton I most likely feel that I have my underlying contempt for examination out of my framework as I have understood that thought has helped me do associations, for example, the nexus between my learning way and seting the commonsense origin of assignments off for each piece long as could reasonably be expected. Consideration has as King and Kitchener proposed ‘improved my intellectual capacity ‘ , as I presently have a superior anxiety of examination and myself. I other than feel that understudies do have their thoughts as they own their days gone by encounters which they draw after during examination. Actually I do non like agonizing model hypothetical records yet I value that they can be great for understudies who discover examination hard.

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Environmental Pollution Essay

1. Impacts on Climate Land contamination can influence the general condition of the Earth. Land contaminations prompts misfortune in the timberland front of Earth. This is thusly going to influence the measure of downpour. Less rains mean lesser vegetation. The impact of every single distinctive sort of contamination will in the long run lead to issues like corrosive downpours, nursery impact, a dangerous atmospheric devation. These issues have just started and should be controlled before the circumstance comes up short on control. 2. Termination of Species One of the significant reasons for concern is the termination of species. Species are pushed towards danger and termination principally by two procedures. Living space fracture is the discontinuity of the normal natural surroundings of a life form; cause principally by never-ending suburbia. Living space annihilation, then again, is when land clearing unfavorably influences creatures uncommon with the end goal that their common territory is lost. Both the activities can make a few animal categories go wiped out and others to get obtrusive. 3. Biomagnification Biomagnification is the procedure where certain non-biodegradable substances continue aggregating in the evolved way of life (in at least one animal groups). The most widely recognized model is of methylmercury in fish and mercury in falcons. In addition to the fact that biomagnification puts the specific species in danger, it places all the species above and underneath it in danger, and eventually influences the food pyramid. 4. Consequences for Biodiversity Species termination and biomagnification is going to oust the equalization of nature altogether. The primary explanation behind this is aggravation made in the evolved way of life. To give you an exceptionally straightforward model †because of biomagnification of mercury in falcons, they may go wiped out in the ensuing years. In any case, we realize birds go after snakes. Less (or no) hawks will at that point bring about progressively number of snakes! As you may have acknowledged, land contamination is in reality going to influence significantly a bigger number of things than we however it will. Consequently, I leave you with some remedial measure you can take on an individual level to diminish land contamination. Energize natural cultivating †purchase natural food. Appropriate waste disposal †separate your trash before you offer it to the city worker; and carefully disapprove of plastic. Energize reusing †purchase reused items, note pads, paper, and so on. Limit utilization of herbicides and pesticides †they are utilized in ranch, however in your own lawn also. In the event that we decrease our commitment to trash and litter, in that itself we will have the option to essentially diminish land contamination and most likely check it totally sooner rather than later. Additionally understand this isn’t just about land contamination; it is pretty much a wide range of contamination. We have to find a way to forestall harming our Earth. We have no other spot to go. Peruse more at Buzzle: and end results of-land-pollution.html

Definition and Examples of Linguists

Definition and Examples of Linguists An etymologist is a pro in linguisticsthat is, the investigation of language. Otherwise called aâ linguistic researcher or a linguistician. Etymologists inspect the structures of dialects and the rules that underlie those structures. They study human discourse just as composed records. Etymologists are not really polyglots (i.e., individuals who communicate in various dialects). Models and Observations Some accept that an etymologist is an individual who communicates in a few dialects easily. Others accept that etymologists are language specialists who can assist you with choosing whether it is smarter to state It is I or It is me. However it is very conceivable to be an expert etymologist (and an astounding one at that) without having trained a solitary language class, without having deciphered at the UN, and without talking anything else than one language.What is etymology, at that point? In a general sense, the field is worried about the idea of language and (semantic) communication.(Adrian Akmajian, Richard Demerts, Ann Farmer, and Robert Harnish, Linguistics: An Introduction to Language and Communication. MIT Press, 2001)Subfields of Linguistics-Linguists invest their energy contemplating what language is and what it does. Various etymologists study language in various manners. Some examination the structure includes that the punctuations of the considerable number of universe s dialects share. Some investigation the distinctions among dialects. A few language specialists center around structure, others on significance. Some investigation language in the head, some examination language in society.(James Paul Gee, Literacy and Education. Routledge, 2015)- Linguists study numerous aspects of language: how sounds are delivered and heard in physical demonstrations of discourse, conversational association, the various employments of language by people and diverse social classes, the connection of language to the elements of the cerebrum and memory, how dialects create and change, and the employments of language by machines to store and repeat language.(William Whitla, The English Handbook. Wiley-Blackwell, 2010) Etymologists as Scientists-Like a scholar contemplating the structure of cells, an etymologist examines the structure of language: how speakers make importance through blends of sounds, words, and sentences that at last outcome in textsextended stretches of language (for example a discussion between companions, a discourse, an article in a paper). Like different researchers, etymologists inspect their subject matterlanguageobjectively. They are not keen on assessing great versus terrible employments of language, in much a similar way that a scholar doesn't analyze cells with the objective of figuring out which are pretty and which are ugly.(Charles F. Meyer, Introducing English Linguistics. Cambridge University Press, 2010)- Theâ important point to recall about the mind boggling sets of connections and rules known as phonology, sentence structure, and semantics is that they are totally associated with the advanced etymologists way to deal with portraying the syntax of a language.(Ma rian R. Whitehead, Language Literacy in the Early Years 0-7. Wise, 2010) Ferdinand de Saussure on the System of a LanguageThe pioneer etymologist Ferdinand de Saussure censured researchers who considered the historical backdrop of a piece of a language, separated from the entire to which it has a place. He demanded that etymologists should contemplate the total arrangement of a language eventually in time, and afterward look at how the whole framework changes after some time. Saussures student Antoine Meillet (1926: 16) is answerable for the apothegm: une langue constitue un systã ¨me complexe de moyens dexpression, systã ¨me oã ¹ tout se tient (a language makes up a mind boggling arrangement of methods for articulation, a framework wherein everything holds together). Logical etymology who produce thorough syntaxes of dialects normally follow this precept. (Advocates of formal speculations, who take a gander at disengaged bits of language for some specific issue, normally negate this crucial principle.)(R. M. W. Dixon, Basic Linguistic Theory Volume 1: Methodology. Oxford University Press, 2009) Articulation: LING-gwist

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Women and Poverty essays

Ladies and Poverty papers World destitution is a social government assistance issue that has tormented about each general public, all the more explicitly ladies in neediness. The issue of ladies and neediness and the Feminization of Poverty is an upsetting issue without a doubt. The manner in which our general public is assembled and a background marked by abuse has lead to the imbalances in the sexes. This disparity and societal position is among the purposes behind this pattern of Feminization of Poverty. The pattern of the Feminization of Poverty isn't new all through the world. It is anyway another pattern in America. Feminization of Poverty essentially implies that a bigger number of individuals in neediness are ladies. The hole among ladies and men in destitution has kept on developing in the previous decade. Purposes behind this expanding hole originate from a wide range of levels of our general public. Most of the 1.5 billion individuals living on $1 dollar daily or less are ladies. All through the world ladies procure simply over fifty pennies on each keeps an eye on dollar. This demonstrates even in a working society that ladies are abused and remunerated less for their endeavors. This effect of this distinction gets more grounded as salary diminishes. As ladies approach neediness they are denied basic things, for example, land, lodging, and credit. This disavowal comes sooner for ladies than men in light of the fact that on normal they are winning less. This makes a neediness cycle almost difficult to get away. Governments all through the world have perceived the sexual orientation measurement of neediness. This has lead to execution of governmental issues to help destroy this issue. Shockingly it is troublesome if not difficult to change the perspectives and activities of a whole society. Indeed, even at the degree of the family, a littler measure of remuneration is given to ladies than to men. This appears to transmit out into society and makes sexual orientation imbalance. Components that have lead to the expanding sex measurement in neediness come from the progressions to the foundation of the family. In America the present separation rate ... <!

How Your Customers Can Pay with their Smartphones

How Your Customers Can Pay with their Smartphones Over the past two decades, advancements in technology have seen almost every other day-to-day life application being incorporated into the cell phone. It started with simple applications like the calculator and the calendar, and with every leap of smartphone technology, newer and increasingly complex applications like email, internet browsers, GPS and maps, radio, music and video players and various other apps have made it to your smartphone.Over these years, the smartphone has rapidly evolved and is increasingly becoming an important part of any business imaginable.Of course, this has a lot to do with a certain technological innovation that now makes it possible to make and receive payments via smartphones. © | Robert KneschkeIn this article, we will start with 1) an introduction to payment via smartphones, and continue then with 2) the advantages and 3) disadvantages of smartphone payments, and 4) how to introduce smartphone payment options to your business.INTRODUCTION TO MOBILE PAYMENTWhat is a payment via smartphone all about?A smartphone payment is a mode of payment that utilizes your bank account information that is available via your smartphone (as opposed to information held on your debit or credit card) to make payment transactions. Any smartphone transaction takes place via an application generically known as a smartphone wallet app, coupled with the smartphones Near Field Communication (NFC) facility. NFC is available on the latest editions of the Apple iPhone, namely the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and the very latest 6S and 6S Plus. NFC is also a common feature on most Android smartphones that use the Android 4.0 OS version (ICS) or newer.Wallet apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are decidedly safer and more secure than traditional credit cards, because these wallet apps do not use sensitive information like credit card number and expiry date during the transactions.What kinds of businesses need mobile payment options?While certain businesses like service-providers may not immediately see the fruits of spending on a mobile payment option, there are many businesses for whom quicker turnaround times translates to better profits. Great examples of such businesses are restaurants (especially fast-food chains), taxi and car hire services, ready-mix mortar suppliers, on-demand mechanics and such like. Over the past few years, with the advancements of technology, many generic businesses have added a web-based and phone-based order option and these include supermarkets, bakeries, confectioners and flower shops. Rapid checkout of goods is the USP of mobile payment, and more and more businesses are drawn into this payment method every day.The easy wa ys to turn your smartphone into your walletSmartphone payment technology is still in a nascent stage of development, but it is slowly turning into a viable mode of payment that is competitive and practicable enough to substitute your wallet and your credit cards.The first step that you might like to take to gradually switch to this innovative mode of payment is to use gift and loyalty cards that are available on popular ecommerce platforms such as Amazon. These cards are stored as bar codes or the increasingly popular QR codes and can be scanned via a scanner from the display of your smartphone. You can also use loyalty cards supplied by PayPal on your smartphone. PayPal has formed tie-ups with certain restaurants and fast-food chains and these outlets allow you to use its loyalty cards as a payment mode. PayPal has also tied up with some other businesses like home improvement chains and this list is gradually being expanded. Others like tech giant, Apple has launched Apple Pay and mega retail chains like Target and Wal-Mart have added the mobile payment option recently.The most important thing to note when planning to use your smartphone as a wallet is to ensure that it has NFC because, as it turns out, NFC is the future of all mobile payments. As of now, Android smartphones have the edge over Apple iOS as far as contactless NFC payments are concerned.ADVANTAGES OF SMARTPHONE PAYMENTSSmartphones are going to be decidedly the most convenient form of payment in the long run. The list of advantages it delivers over conventional payment modes is virtually endless. Below, we list out the most obvious.Easy to useThe most noteworthy feature of a smartphone payment app is its ease of use. All your customers need to do is to pre-load their credit card information on to the app and when making the payment, all they have to do is to launch the app and scan its screen like a vinyl card. Most of these payment apps are alike, so your customers would not need to train thems elves every time they switch to a new payment app. However, most retailers accept popular payment apps like Google Wallet and Apple Pay.Easy access to marketing dataAs a business owner, getting access to your customers smartphone is a much bigger deal than getting access to their credit cards. When you are swiping your customers credit card, all you are getting access to is their credit card number. However, the scenario is very different when handling your customers smartphone. For starters, you instantly gain acquaintance of his email address. But thats not all you will be able to track your customers shopping history and purchase preferences as well. This kind of accurate customer data will be of immense value to you in the immediate future when you start profiling your customers for the purpose of marketing.Convenient for customers as it reduces checkout timesProviding speedy and efficient customer service is the backbone of a successful business, and every good business tries to gratify its customers by making their shopping experience easy and convenient. Offering mobile payment facilities to your customers not only means that they have one item less to carry to your premises (their wallet, of course!), they also get the added advantage of having their checkout times drastically reduced. At the same time, your employees will get respite from the tedious task of staffing the dreaded register and instead, focus their attention to providing your customer with a better shopping experience.Foster customer loyaltyFostering customer loyalty is one of the most crucial tasks of a shrewd businessman. In this day and age, this is becoming an increasingly intricate procedure. Incentives have to be frequently and generously doled out to sustain customer loyalty. Offering a mobile payment facility at the business end of your premises is a novel way to woo your existing customers, not to mention attracting new ones. Also, it is very likely that your business is compet ing with much bigger corporations. In that case, offering mobile payment services should be a great incentive to your customers to stay loyal to your business.Make it easier for your customers to manage their paymentsSmartphone payment options make it convenient for your customers not only to make payments, but also to organize their credit card transactions. A smartphone, when used as a wallet, presents itself as a digital organizer for all your cards, discount vouchers and more. This kind of organization goes a long way into assisting your customers in managing their money effortlessly and keeping a tab on their purchases.Information is secure and safer, compared to credit card transactionsWhile conventional credit card transactions involve swiping the magnetic strip of your card on a card reader, this method isnt perceived to be very reassuring nowadays. This is mainly because a lot of information is transmitted onto the card reader and, in the wrong hands, this leaves room for c ard cloning. However, your customers credit card information will be much more secure when they opt for a smartphone payment instead. This is because in such an operation, a one-time bar code is generated by the smartphone app for every transaction, and card information isnt transferred to the seller at all.Accepting credit cards on mobileIf you are a small business, you will have noticed that many customers have had to decide against purchasing at your premises just because they did not have ready cash. Providing a smartphone payment option will help you cater to those customers.DISADVANTAGES OF SMARTPHONE PAYMENTSNotwithstanding all the advantages that smartphone payments offer to both the buyer and the seller, this mode of payment is not without its drawbacks. We discuss a few such disadvantages below.Accessibility is limited and compatibility issues exist for different brands of smartphonesAs of now, smartphone payment apps havent been standardized and this means that compatibil ity issues are very much real. What apps are compatible depends on what phone you have and what operating system is in use on your smartphone. Thats not all even if the payment app is compatible with your smartphone, it may not be accepted in certain stores. This is because many of these stores may not have the upgraded contact-less terminals in place, and you will end up paying in cash or using your credit card. On top of that, many outlets deliberately refuse to accept payments via smartphones even if they possess the technology to do so.Costs are high for services such as NFCFrom the business perspective, offering a smartphone payment option to your customers is a costly affair, at least at present. This is because NFC-enabled card readers are high-priced, compared to conventional bar-code scanners. Thus, many businesses are shying away from installing such equipment at their premises even though it places them at a competitive disadvantage.Inducting new technology creates a sec urity risk leading to stealing and misuse of dataFurthermore, a failure to understand the processes involved in data storage and transmission can lead to unwanted security breaches.  Almost every other technological innovation pertaining to transfer of money has faced security risks and smartphone payment is no exception. It is not entirely impossible as of now, for attackers to steal information during a payment operation. Also, failing to understand the intricacies of how sensitive information is stored and transmitted can result in unintentional security breaches that can rapidly bring disrepute to your business. Whats more, even if you are able to invest huge sums of money in implementing security measures, it will still make your business less flexible in adapting to changing technology, which in turn will make it less competent in the foreseeable future.Increasing volume of usage of mobile payment applications might cause performance issues and adversely impact customer experi enceEven after a contact-less mobile payment system has been installed at your premises, it may not always guarantee swift transactions. This is especially true when handling large volumes of mobile payments. Such high-volume situations will give rise to performance issues like failed payments. These shortcomings, if not handled on priority, will translate into poor customer experience.HOW TO INTRODUCE SMARTPHONE PAYMENT OPTIONS TO YOUR BUSINESSIntroducing the latest smartphone payment options to your business involves a series of interlinked steps. We will discuss each process in detail.How to turn a smartphone into a credit card reader / terminalTo use your smartphone as a card reader or terminal, you will need to acquire two things a card reader dongle that attaches to your smartphone, and a mobile app. Once installed and correctly configured, you can swipe your customers credit cards on the card reader and process payments through your smartphone.The other requisitesThere are c ertain other requirements besides acquiring a card reader/terminal to accept smartphone payments. They areMerchant Accounts: Merchant accounts are a discretionary option if you wish to receive mobile payments. In case you do not wish to opt for mobile payments services, you can instead, contact your bank to get hold of a merchant account.Mobile payment services like PayPal Here and Square: If the old-school merchant account looks too much of a hassle to set up, you can always opt for newer and more convenient mobile payment services like PayPal Here and Square.PayPal Here: PayPal is renowned as the trailblazer of online payment services. PayPal Here takes that legacy forward by offering a mobile payment processing platform that makes it possible for users to accept almost any form of payment. This service is compatible with major smartphone operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows. PayPal Here allows you to accept payments in the form of credit cards, debit cards and even all ows you to send an invoice across for future payment. Not only can invoices be sent online in PayPal Here, this service even makes it possible for you to record all transactions made in cash and through cheques. Whats more, PayPal also offers live customer service and processes service requests both through phone calls and via emails. Pricing wise, PayPal Here offers you a simple plan that involves zero setup fees, monthly fees, cancellation fees and processing minimums. Fees are charged per transaction and they are like follows: A fee of 2.7% per card transaction (US) A fee of 3.5% + $0.15 to key in cards A fee of 2.9% + $0.30 to create an invoice An additional 1% fee is collected for every overseas transfer.Square: Square is another mobile payment service that has seen increased popularity in the retail sector in recent years. Although optimized for use on the Apple iPad, Square is also compatible with other Apple products as well as Android devices. Square allows you to not o nly receive payments but also enables you to track your sales performance in real time. The popular app, Square Register allows you to record all transactions made in cash, via credit/debit cards or any other means. It manages your digital receipts and your inventory, and provides you valuable feedback by generating accurate sales reports. Whats more, with its inbuilt automatic update function, you are relieved of the tedious task of having to manually update the app time and again. Square is meant to be a point-of-sale (POS) application, and is available for download absolutely free of cost on both the App Store and Google Play.Some other mobile payment options that serve as a good alternative to the usualTouchSuite: TouchSuite is a frontend retail app that allows you to access to multiple payment options. It is primarily aimed at small businesses, and apart from encompassing a easy-to-use mobile platform, TouchSuite lends itself to be used as a competent point-of-sales application . Thats not all, TouchSuite also makes it possible for you to manage client data and supervise future bookings. It also generates a log of sales data and lets you track your sales performance accurately. But the best feature of TouchSuite is that it perfectly integrates with your existing accounting software, thus saving precious time which you would otherwise have to spend in updating your accounting software separately.Flint Mobile: Flint Mobile is a cost-effective mobile payment application. It is unique in that it does not use any conventional card-reading/ card swiping hardware, and instead uses your phone camera to scan card numbers. This not only saves you a lot of money otherwise spent on expensive card reader terminals, but is also much more reliable. Flint Mobile is particularly effective when you are processing a lot of debit cards. A noteworthy attribute of this application is the Sell Online feature, that allows you to directly sell any item from your inventory online.G oPayment: GoPayment is another competitive mobile payment option. However, unlike Flint Mobile, it uses the more conventional card reader terminal, and so it is not very easy on your pocket. Nevertheless, GoPayment offers some clever features it syncs with other Intuit products such as Quickbooks. Payment plans are flexible and you can choose between a monthly fee plan and a per-transaction fee plan.Dwolla: Dwolla is one of the lesser known mobile payment applications, but it is also one of the most cost-effective, provided your payment processes are uncomplicated. A visible downside to Dwolla is that it requires your customers to have it installed on their smartphones as well. This can prove to be a headache for many customers, since they would have to log on to Dwolla every time they need to make a payment.LevelUp: LevelUp is a mobile payment application that is user-friendly and extremely compatible with other applications, especially POS apps. It is equipped to scan QR codes on your customers smartphones. Whats more, LevelUp offers accurate data analytics. For an additional fee, you can also carry out and supervise marketing campaigns for your business. It is highly favoured by businesses that strive to creating loyalty programs for their customers.

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Hot Off the Press! Following Narnia® Volume 1 The Lions Song (Third Edition)

   Did you grow up loving Narnia? I know I did—I must have read each book in the series ten or twenty times throughout my childhood! I vividly remember reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for the first time when I was six, sobbing inconsolably when Aslan died and dancing with joy when he came back to life! Loving the series so much, I was delighted when I heard several years ago that IEW was coming out with a set of theme-based writing lessons called Following Narnia. Here was a chance to share the joy of Narnia with students while teaching them IEW writing skills. I had a great time using the first edition to teach the homeschooled children of several friends, learning more about C.S. Lewis and his world while traveling through Narnia with my students. And now I'm pleased to introduce to you the newest edition of what is now called Following Narnia ® Volume 1: The Lion's Song (Volume 2 will be coming out this summer—stay tuned!) In Following Narnia Volume 1, middle school students will read and write about the first three books of the Narnia series: The Magician's Nephew; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; and The Horse and His Boy. Topics range from incidents in the books (â€Å"A Lamp Post is Planted†) to events in Lewis’ times that inspired parts of the story (â€Å"The White Witch and Hitler†) and character analysis in the Response to Literature section (â€Å"The Horse, His Boy, and Aravis†). This new edition has been revised and updated to be as user-friendly  and enjoyable as possible. The Teacher’s Manual now includes the student pages inset to make it easy to teach each lesson—no need to flip between two books. Helpful checklists, engaging source texts, and charming illustrations round out the student book. Whether students are new to Narnia or long-time fans, they will enjoy reading and writing their way through the Chronicles of Narnia with this delightful course. Congratulations to Doug and Deb W., winners of our drawing for Following Narnia ® Volume 1: The Lion’s Song [Teacher/Student Combo]!    When she was ten years old,  Genevieve (Pudewa) Priest  attended the first writing class her dad had ever taught. Little did they know then that IEW would grow from that seedling into a company serving homeschoolers and schools around the world! Having taught in Montessori schools, homeschooled a younger sibling, and taught IEW writing to homeschool students, she enjoys being able to offer support and encouragement to parents, teachers, and students on their educational journey. Log in or register to post commentsGenevieve Priests blog Log in or register to post comments

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Plagiarism, Citation, Anonymity and Professionalism - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 623 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2019/04/04 Category Career Essay Level High school Tags: Professionalism Essay Did you like this example? ABSTRACT Plagiarism is nothing but copying someones idea, article or work without giving him any credit. The work is said to be plagiarized if it is not cited. Citation is an important part if we use someones idea, article or work it must be cited properly. Anonymity is hiding someones name who has contributed to that research. It can be done purposely or knowingly. Professionalism is the work ethics that we follow while doing any work, it may be doing any research work or any job. Table of contents INTRODUCTION: Plagiarism is copying someones writing, ideas or words and presenting it as our own idea or work. It also means copying someones work without proper citation. Citation is giving credit to the original author by stating his name under the information which we have copied from his report. Anonymity can be said as hiding someones name, whose idea or work is has been copied. Professionalism is including the ideas by using certain principals while maintaining the standards of profession. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Plagiarism, Citation, Anonymity and Professionalism" essay for you Create order PLAGIARISM: Plagiarism means copying or stealing of others ideas or writing. It means, copying same texts from someones writing without appropriate citation. Some people are very smart to plagiarize without leaving any fingerprint. Sometimes plagiarisms are caught and sometimes not. A good example of plagiarism is when it was said that Edison stole Teslas work, the greatest inventions of the history were stolen from someone. It was said that Tesla was working under Edison during the invention of DC (Direct Current). During that period Tesla invented many small inventions and Edison would patient the invention under his name without giving any credit or compensation to tesla. Due to this Tesla left the company and joined other company and working there he invented AC (Alternating Current) which is now used worldwide. Figure 1 Tesla and Edison Source (Sciencestruck) CITATION: Citation in means Reference that is, if you have taken note or copied something from someones paper or article, then you should always put a reference to the original article in your writing. It includes a literature survey which is normally discussed in the introduction part of the article. While you can discuss the idea of cited article (be it book chapter, research paper, article, or even website) in your language as to what you understood from it, or even you may cite the results achieved by them, but coping the exact wording, and using the exact idea would be termed as plagiarism. Here is a good example of citation. Which shows how citation should be done properly in different conditions Figure 2 citation Source (Google) ANONYMITY: It can be said that copying or using someones work and doing citation of his work but without exposing his name or by using his pet name. it can happen in two cases if the person himself doesnt want to express his name or the person who has copied the work doesnt want to give credit to that person. PROFESSIONALISM: Professionalism is behaving and presenting oneself in professional standards. It can also be said as the honesty, responsibility, and courtesy while dealing with any individuals. It can be divided in two different parts as, firstly the clothes that we wear, the way that we talk and secondly the knowledge and efforts that we rake while doing that job. CONCLUSION: Plagiarism should not be done. If you want to use someones work you should provide proper citation. Proper citation gives credit to the original writer. Anonymity should not be done. Proper credit should be given to that person. Professionalism should be practiced during doing any work. REFERENCES Science struck, Father of the Electric Age: Thomas Edison Vs. Nikola Tesla Citation, Google